Creevey Crisis

Band: Creevey Crisis
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Holy Freaking Criminy. Where do I begin with Creevey Crisis? I suppose I should begin with the individual. Russ Benoit.

Russ is a good friend of mine, a phenomenal performer, a loving husband and father, and a man truly dedicated to his music and love thereof. With this information, I could immediately recommend his music to you. But I was a fan of Creevey Crisis long before I so much as left a comment for Russ on his Myspace page. This is because he is not only dedicated to his music, but he creates awesome heavy rock / metal music that just hands you energy like a free cotton candy booth at a fair.

Sidebar: I’m listening to some new Creevey Crisis music now and I just started head banging out of sheer awesomeness. Yes, I am sitting alone at my computer.

In any case, my personal experience with meeting Russ happened at an event he could only attend for a single evening. Despite this, he got in some serious Wrock time by playing drums for most of the bands performing that night. To say the least, Russ is ridiculously rad on the drums! In fact, he was inspired by none other than Alex Van Halen himself.

Now, before you get carried away with yourselves, allow me to quote Russ on the matter, “My father took me to see Van Halen when I was 10, but waited until the last minute to buy the tickets, so we ended up sitting behind the stage. A crappy view for the most part… until the
drum solo started. I was transfixed and just watched Alex Van Halen the rest of the night. That got me, hook line and sinker.”

This absolutely explains why Russ’ primary adjective for his music is “LOUD”. His music has always been a great thing to wrock out to – fantastic music to play when I’m angry or just need a boost of energy as I sit in my cubicle for hours at a time working on some menial task or another.

But don’t you worry, readers-who-prefer-a-lighter-style-of-music. Creevey Crisis understands that sometimes the heavy rock sound isn’t what we need. Sometimes an acoustic mix is like a balm unto the soul. With that understanding, we have been provided with that balance and the album Maybe in Four Years to ease the “attack on the eardrums”.

This album features collaborations with Grace Kendall of Snidget and Steph Anderson of Tonks & the Aurors. With songs such as ‘Tiny in Death’ and the title track ‘Maybe in Four Years’, Creevey Crisis gives us a beautiful album to provide some breaks in the exciting, head-bang-inspiring songs from the rest of his albums.

So I’d just like to say, if you are looking for a wake up call, a boost of energy, or just some generally good hard rock music, seek no further than Creevey Crisis. I’ve been listening to his music for ages and it never ceases to amazing and entertain me.


8 November 2009. Tags: . Band of the Day.

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