The Blibbering Humdingers

Band: The Blibbering Humdingers
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“Well, there’s the noble House of Gryffindor / Those Ravenclaws are smart / My favorite House is Slytherin / They’re full of crafty art / There’s one more House at Hogwarts / And they take all the other duffs / It’s hard to call it pride / But I think they’re good enough / There’s no shame in Hufflepuff”

True that! There is absolutely no shame in being a Hufflepuff, no matter how it is delivered. There’s a very good reason for my decision to quote the song ‘No Shame in Hufflepuff’, title track to the most recent album of the Blibbering Humdingers.

I am a Hufflepuff. And a durn proud one, at that.

Of course, Scott and Kirsten Vaughn (the couple who make up the band) further proclaim that one of the only things Hufflepuffs are good at is the making of sandwiches. For those curious, this is something I feel like I have proven to the members of The Remus Lupins, The Whomping Willows, and Ministry of Magic when I made them all sandwiches during their acoustic sets at Azkatraz in 2009 (which I made while wearing my “Hufflepuff” t-shirt with a sandwich on it). However, while us ‘Puffs are indeed great sandwich-makers, we are also quite good at other things.

But I digress. ‘No Shame in Hufflepuff’ is a perfect example of the style perpetuated by the Blibbering Humdingers – a sort of carefree, fun, funky, fantastic, “comedic musical theatre, existential neo-retro” style. Other songs that fit into these categories (without simply stating “all of them”) are: ‘Voldemort Made Me Crap My Pants’, ‘Love Song for Sirius Black’, and ‘Inkum Dinkum’.

In addition to their wacky style, Scott and Kirsten have an amazing ability to bring things back to the Wizard Rock Community as a whole. A number of their songs give shout-outs to other well-known Wrock songs. My favorite example is ‘Cho’s Rebuttle’, which references songs from The Mudbloods and The Moaning Myrtles. To top it off, they have hosted at least one very awesome Wizard Rock event in their own backyard! I was only able to attend via Ustream, but it was an absolute blast to see the performances of some phenomenal bands in such a close, personal setting.

Speaking of close, personal settings – the first time I saw the Humdingers perform live was in the merch room at LeakyCon. Now this was a truly impromptu performance. A number of us just gathered around and they broke out an acoustic guitar and just went for it! I had such a great time sitting there, singing along, and even getting up and dancing with them, that I have come to the conclusion (nearly as a direct result of that experience) that smaller, more personal performances can be even more exciting than huge events with hundreds of people. It is at these events that the real connections with Wizard Rockers form.

With that, I will highly recommend to anyone and everyone to take the opportunity of a local (or even semi-local) show should it arise. You may think that a smaller show won’t be worth it, but the experience will prove you wrong! Trust me!


9 November 2009. Tags: . Band of the Day.


  1. Caity replied:

    🙂 Girl, I remember sitting down and rocking out to the impromptu concert at Leaky… .:) They are a blast.

  2. Scott Humdinger replied:

    aww… u say such nice things. Make me sandwich, WITCH!

    • Team Wrocket replied:


  3. Kirsten Dinger replied:

    thanks for the nice write-up. we do indeed like us some quiet small shows- thats who we are and what we do. big ones are fun too, but you can be more intimate with the audience and have a little more relaxed fun in a small show setting. for instance- that leakey set was the first time the “boop boop boop” part of VOldemort turned into “poop poop poop”- Scott and i just looked at each other and started singing poop- and its been that way ever since. little things like that just dont happen at big shows!

  4. Karen replied:

    My favorite wizard rock band! great article, Dinah!

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