The Buttermellows

Band: The Buttermellows
Website: Myspace

This is one of the bands that I have a great deal of actual communication with, even if much of it is via Twitter. So my very first thought when considering the Buttermellows is to reflect fondly on the burgeoning friendship growing between Saryna and I. She is open and forthcoming, a brilliant individual, and a fun-loving person!

It’s no small wonder she is able to create the light-hearted, folky music that she does. While she is currently a one-woman band, The Buttermellows addresses some excellent pieces of the Harry Potter novels in her songs.

Somehow, what I wrote from this point on got cut off. So I am going to do my utmost to recreate my initial love-fest for Saryna.

One of the songs that most beautifully addresses a portion of the books is ‘I Don’t Understand’, in which Saryna confronts her inability to comprehend Dumbledore’s death upon first reading it. By focusing these emotions through the similar feelings of shock and dismay Harry was feeling, this song touches the heart of the moment and the great sadness that resulted from the death of such a beloved character. In this song, Saryna seems to use Harry’s desire to break free from the Petrificus Totalus placed upon him by Dumbledore to portray her own wish to jump into the book and prevent the now inevitable conclusion.

Yet, despite the beauty and high emotion of ‘I Don’t Understand’, I described Saryna’s music as “light-hearted”, which is absolutely true. One particular song that stands out is ‘Dearest Delusional’, a song she describes as a “shipper song”. In this song, Saryna uses her rich voice to convince a girl to give up on the boy she has her eye on. How does she do this? By informing her that the boy is gay. Who is this gay boy receiving all the attentions? Well, while I’m uncertain which one in particular is being referred to, it’s clear that this song is to be heard among the camp of Remus/Sirius shippers.

This is my advice to you: If you enjoy rich, folk-style music; if you enjoy a band with a balanced set of music available; and if you want to make your day better through music – do not hesitate to listen to The Buttermellows!


10 November 2009. Tags: . Band of the Day.


  1. badger666 replied:

    “Dearest Delusional” is a cute song. I always interpreted it as being addressed to Tonks, with the singer telling her that she needs to get over Lupin because he’s never going to fall in love with her because he’s in love with Sirius.

    • Team Wrocket replied:

      Ooh! You’re probably right!! I was sitting, racking my brain to try and figure out who that was directed at and I guess it was too obvious for me to see! 😀

      • Raenwen replied:

        You all guessed right. XD

        The key is in the beginning lyrics: “Oh Tonksie, old girl, you’ve got it in you head…”

        Thanks for playing, and come again. LOL

        Also, thanks for the feature. Means loads!
        –Saryna (TB)

  2. wrocknquidditch replied:

    I love The Buttermellows. Saryna rocks my world. *fangirls*

    You guys should have been there for Elevator Tour ’09 at Azkatraz! “Dearest Delusional” is awesome in an elevator. ❤ ❤

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