An Interview with Diagon Alley

Band: Diagon Alley
Website: Myspace | Facebook
Twitter: @diagonalleyband

In preparation for the Daily Wrocket, I started out by sending a set of interview questions to as many Wizard Rock bands as I could. Below are the responses I received from Diagon Alley.

Warning: Occasional expletives are used by the band members. All appearances of censoring were copied and pasted directly from their responses.

General Questions

How long have you been playing music?

  • Nigel: Three lifetimes, or 4,208,327 beers
  • Danno: Music?
  • Jaymo: Uh…
  • Cuki: Since I’ve been little.
  • Chris: Shit, I don’t remember

What inspired you to play in the first place?

  • Nigel: A girl
  • Danno: I needed a reason to stay in my band after they didn’t need keys anymore.
  • Jaymo: Uh…
  • Cuki: Technically, my parents
  • Chris: They made me.

What inspired you to play Wizard Rock music?

  • Nigel: What do you mean?
  • Danno: Are there other kinds of music?
  • Jaymo: What’s a wizard?
  • Cuki: Hm… I mastered muggle music.
  • Chris: they made me

How would you describe your musical style?

  • Nigel: sexual… Come on, I play lead bass
  • Danno: frantic
  • Jaymo: I hit things
  • Cuki: Like the time Lando Calrisean turned in Han Solo to Boba Fett
  • Chris: Whatever they tell me it’s like

What influences your music?

  • Nigel: Anything alive
  • Danno: Women and drink
  • Jaymo: I hit things
  • Cuki: When I was three Mozart and Bach reached out to me and grasped my inner self and they said to me “What the f*@k, you rock dude” then I saw Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and I knew what had to be done.
  • Chris: Songs about booze

How involved in the Wizard Rock Community would you say you are?

  • Nigel: We are the wizard rock community… you’ve been to Diagon Alley right?
  • Danno: Ever been to Wrock Wreggies?
  • Jaymo: Wizard what what?
  • Cuki: I play violin and piano and harmonica and sing third double backup vox.
  • Chris: I read the books to my kids.

How “Do-It-Yourself” would you consider your band? What considerations led to you the level you are at?

  • Nigel: Well, I play lead bass by myself, and no one helps me. I’m at the level that I’m at because I am the best lead bass player in the wizarding world. Better than Voldemort.
  • Danno: I let Nigel do everything. What’s a consideration?
  • Jaymo: Uh… okay.
  • Chris: I just play what they tell me.

What reaction do you get from Muggles when they discover you are a Wizard Rocker?

  • Nigel: They put me on the muggle radio stations.
  • Danno: I don’t mess with muggles. They just get in the way.
  • Jaymo: What does that mean? That’s what the band calls me.
  • Cuki: They give me swirlies.
  • Chris: If they give me s*#t I’ll knock em out.

What do you feel is the most important thing that has come out of your time as a Wizard Rocker?

  • Nigel: I dunno, I kick ass and I’m good looking.
  • Danno: The girls love me.
  • Cuki: I get to play shows.
  • Jaymo: I don’t understand.
  • Chris: I get to punch the shit out of my bagpipes.

Career Questions

How long has your band been around?

  • All: About three cases.

How many members are in the band, and who are they all? What role does each person play in the band?

  • Nigel: Lead bass. Lead backup vox. And the bands grandfather.
  • Danno: Lead rhythm guitar. Second lead backup vox. Contributing editor.
  • Cuki: God.
  • Jaymo: I hit things.
  • Chris: Lead bagpipes. Lead secondary background keys. Muscle.

How long do you intend to continue with the Wizard Rock? Why?

  • All: How long did Led Zepplin do it for? That long.

What do you do in your everyday life (hobbies, career/job, etc.)?

  • Nigel: Smoke gillyweed, drink butterbeers, make babies.
  • Danno: Poop.
  • Cuki: I make videogames for muggles.
  • Jaymo: Paint toenails.
  • Chris: Try to raise a proper wizarding family.

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  1. eruanna317 replied:

    These guys are crazy… crazy AWESOME! Love it! 🙂

  2. Ringlords replied:

    this is an awesome interview… we salute you

  3. Michelle replied:

    “Chris: Try to raise a proper wizarding family.”


  4. Raenwen replied:

    *facepalm* Haha. Oh, them. They sure do make great tunes!

  5. Jenny Sue replied:

    I love this band, and this interview is the reason why. These guys are just amazing people/wizards!

  6. Heather replied:

    Haha I love this interview… Diagon Alley is awesome… listening to “Gringotts” right now! Got to hang out with Nigel a little bit at wrockstock… he’s a cool dude 🙂

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