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Originally, the Mudbloods were scheduled for an earlier day. However, every single time I sat down to write about this band, I couldn’t find the words to say what I wanted to. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I still haven’t found the words to describe them, but I am going to carry on despite.

The Mudbloods is one of my favorite bands. If I need to calm my nerves, cheer myself up, or just allow myself a generally enjoyable time, the Mudbloods are not long to follow.

For those who are unaware, the Mudbloods played their final performance this past weekend at Wrockstock. I had seen them play twice prior to this experience and was enthralled each time. Despite that, nothing could have prepared me for this. Knowing it would be the last time he performed these songs was probably the most difficult part of it all. I know I wasn’t the only one tearing up, even during songs like ‘It’s Dragons! It’s Mermaids!! It’s a Maze!!!’ Or maybe I was the only poor sap hardly able to sing along to some of the peppier songs.

One moment that I am proud of, however, was my restraint during ‘A Pensieve Full of Unrequited Love’, telling the story of Severus Snape’s love for Lily over the years and by far my favorite Mudbloods song. Of course, the only reason I made it through the song without breaking down entirely is because I was focusing as hard as I could on holding the camera steady so I could record the song in full. It didn’t stop me from silently singing along to every single word, though.

The silly thing about ‘A Pensieve Full of Unrequited Love’ is the fact that it is probably the most peppy sad song I’ve ever listened to and adored. The regret and longing in the lyrics are contra to the jaunty musical style, especially as Severus describes his dying moments with “blood rushing out of my head” as he gives his memories of Lily and his own history to Harry that he will finally understand. The moment is heartbreaking, but I can’t help but bob my head along as the music progresses.

Another song that simply brings me unending joy is ‘Zombies!’ In this song, Adam, the lead singer for the Mudbloods, explains that he was never really that scared of Voldemort until he came to the end of Book 6 (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) and Harry encountered the Inferi. These creatures are reanimated dead used by Voldemort to protect one of his Horcruxes, but are essentially zombies. To say the least, they are quite terrifying.

Of all the bands I have used to try and bring Muggles (non-Wizard Rock fans) into the ways of Wrock, the Mudbloods have met with likely the highest success rate. It is one of my greatest pleasures in life to have a Muggle inform me that they enjoy a mellow, mildly folky or pop-like style of music. That’s when I know I can play some Mudbloods for them and that the conversion is only a matter of time from then.

It is a terrible sad thing that the Mudbloods have played their final show and produced the last of their music. But they gave us some amazing years before the end came.

R.I.P. Mudbloods


13 November 2009. Tags: . Band of the Day.


  1. Georgia replied:

    Awwww the Mudbloods were brilliant, I’m sad their little chapter in Wrock history is over. I’m so glad I stayed up to watch their final set, it was stunning. Here’s to hoping one day we might see them get back together to record just one more song… 😀

  2. Julia replied:

    You have more restraint that I do. From the first note of that set until well after they were done I sobbed like a six year old girl. “Pensieve” was horrible for me. Even though I was singing and dancing, I couldn’t help but sob hysterically. The song for me became a love song to Adam, basically saying “We wish you luck, but you can have everything if you just STAY HERE!”

    The next day “Harry’s Lament” came up on my iPod as I was sitting in the airport between flights. It was a disaster.

  3. Scott Humdinger replied:

    That final set was fabulous. No reason to cry. I’ve seen lots of bands break up, retire, etc. Just be thankful for the wonderful tunes they’ve given us.

    Someone needs to start a cover band called “Mudblood-mania” or the “Bloodmuds” or something… 🙂

    • Kirsten Dinger replied:

      no reason to cry about Mudbloods says my husband. I wept and Bawled – I have a 6 year old. they don’t cry like this. more like a newborn. uncontrollably sobbing the whole set. Scott doesn’t understand but I know many of you do. Thanks whoever you were that hugged me at the end and let me cry on your shoulder .

  4. Myrtle Dyes Her Hair replied:

    @Scott Humdinger. Hmm… Me out. Most Wrockers in my area are 😛 apout Wrock and just don’t understand. I AM probably setting up 1 with Peter…

  5. James replied:

    I love the mudbloods. ‘A pensieve full of unrequited love’ Is pretty much the song that converted me into Wizard Rock.

    Thank You Mudbloods.

  6. Andrew replied:

    My only big regret of Wrockstock was that I somehow didn’t hear about Adam’s acoustic set until it was about halfway over. I bolted down my dinner and rushed down there to catch the last of it. He made me cry then AND Sunday night.

  7. Sally Slytherin replied:

    I sobbed like a baby for about 40% of their Wrockstock set. It was too emotional to think that this was it for them, and now when I introduce people to their music, it will be with a tinge of sadness that I’m never going to hear them live again.
    Won’t stop me from sharing their music with muggles or wrock newcomers tho!

  8. Raenwen replied:

    Adam is a wonderful song-writer, alone, but The Mudbloods together was just phenomenal. I was extremely sad because it would be my first&last mudblood show, but I didn’t, and haven’t cried. I just continue to enjoy the tunes they’ve made. When I listen to their albums now, I get a bit melancholy for I will never get to see them live again or ever get to anticipate a new cd, but eventually I think of how life happens and how we have to assimilate to it’s whims. This is just another one of those whims and I’m totally happy that I’ve got at least some physical memory to hold onto.


  9. Stine replied:

    I’ll admit that I didn’t cry during the last Mudbloods set, not because it wasn’t heartbreaking, but because my primary focus was on getting through the set without passing out from exhaustion. I’m really glad I got to be there for it though, and I think ending the set with “Harry’s Lament”, the first Mudbloods song ever written, was very fitting. I’m also incredibly glad that I got to be at Adam’s acoustic set on the dock the night before; if the final Mudbloods set didn’t make me cry, this one definitely did. It was magical.

    The fact that the “1 more song” chant was replaced with “10 more shows” really shows how much people love this band. But sadly, loving someone sometimes means letting them go, hard though it is. Adam Dubberly is an outstanding songwriter and musician, and in the words of the Mudbloods, I wish him peace and love and happiness in everything he does. He will reach far. I just hope he sticks around in the wrock community as well; we do love him dearly.

  10. WizardRockDA replied:

    The Mudbloods were the band primarily responsible for me first taking Wizard Rock seriously back in late 2006. This was the only time I’ve had a chance to see them live, and I spent the entire show wrocking out. It hadn’t really set in that that was their last show yet, and I’m just as happy that way, as I had a blast wrocking out to some of my favourite Wizard Rock songs of all time.

  11. WizardRockDA replied:

    Actually, forget favourite Wizard Rock songs of all time. The Mudbloods are responsible for creating some of my favourite songs of all time, Wizard Rock or otherwise.

  12. wrocknquidditch replied:

    The Mudbloods have always been my favorites of Wizard Rock, and you’re not alone in sobbing through their entire last set. I was inconsolable, and actually needed to take a walk after for some alone-time. It was the “Funeral Song” that got me. I think I might have done alright for most of it if they hadn’t done that first. Haha. *shakes fist* CURSES! 😉

    In fact, I’m impressed that you’ve already posted about them. I haven’t been able to finish my Day 3 blog entry yet. It *is* incredibly hard to find the right words to end an era.

    While I’ve been listening to wrock for a long time, I hadn’t actually been to anything until this year. Adam was at my first wrock show ever, where he was substituting as part of Thomas & Finnigan at a little local show in a small town in Texas. He ended up being at 5 (ish) of the shows I went to this summer, but I had never seen all of The Mudbloods on stage together until Wrockstock. I’m so incredibly happy that I was able to experience that before it was too late.

    After his acoustic set the day before, I told Adam, frankly, that he was breaking my heart by leaving wizard rock. (I’m going somewhere with this, I promise, haha) Not that I don’t think he’ll do well with Muggle Music – he’s incredibly talented and will hopefully go very far – but because it’s just sad. Loosing someone or something that has meant so much to you for such a long time (even if it IS just music or just a face you’re used to seeing at wrock events) is hard. It’s like cutting off a toe – you can live without it, you can function without it, and you may even forget sometimes that it isn’t there, but every time you look down at your foot, you’re missing a toe.

    That might be a smidge dramatic. But Adam said to me, after I told him that, that it’s okay, and that “the music will always be there.” And while it’s very sad to think about not having any *NEW* Mudbloods music coming at us, we will always have the wonderful things that already exist…the things we know and love…and that, I think, is a very precious gift.

    I’m a very weepy and sentimental person, and I’ve been trying to deal with this, lol, the best way I know how. I’ve had their albums on repeat on my iPod since the airport on the way home from Wrockstock, I’ve been “spamming” video clips from YouTube at all my facebook friends…it’s a process.

    But I hope that in the end, Adam and the Kyles and anyone who calls themselves a Mudblood realize exactly how much they are loved, how much the music is appreciated, and how much they will be missed.

    • Team Wrocket replied:

      Actually, I was going to write about them a little sooner, but re-organized my scheduled write-ups to give myself an extra day or two to write it. My plan was to do all the WS bands first, just for the fun of it… and so they’re already all laid out, but I had to push this one back (even though it doesn’t seem like it with how early it was posted overall)

  13. Jordan replied:

    It really does sadden me to know that unfortunately I will never have the opportunity to see the band live. The Mudblood hold a very special place in my heart for doing the downright impossible, converting my brother to Wrock, one play of “pensieve” and he was hooked.
    I’d always planned to see them eventually, and sadly I ha school during WS and could not go, however I know I, as many people out there, will miss this remarkable band from our Wrock shows. (although I’m still wishing for a reunion at LeakyCon or Infinitus)

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