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I would like to start this off with a simple fact: I am a hardcore Hufflepuff. I have the photos and the stories (with people to vouch for me) to prove it. Yet this doesn’t stop me from singing along with ‘S-L-Y in Slytherin’, proudly proclaiming myself to be “the S-L-Y / the SLY in House of Slytherin / the H-O-T / the HOT in House of Slytherin / the S-I-N / the SIN in House of Slytherin / the S-L-U-T / the SLUT in House of Slytherin.” So… what? Should my Hufflepuff Prefect badge be rescinded for this?

Hell no!

The above proclamation is actually a piece of lyrics from the title song off Swish and Flick’s album, In the House of Slytherin. To say the least, Stacy and John inspire a loyal following of all their listeners, regardless of House allegiances. It must be true if I regularly wrock out to and sing along with the song ‘Pure-Blood’, which makes comments about “Mudblood bitches” and making House Elves sleep in kitchens.

For those who are new to the band, Swish and Flick is among the ranks of hip-hop / rap artists in the Wizard Rock world. It’s true, this genre is not overly represented, but Swish and Flick definitely hold their own among them. In fact, for many years, I would just avoid listening to any hip-hop or rap music if I could help it. Even for a while after getting into the Wizard Rock scene, I didn’t pay much mind to the bands that fit into that category. This isn’t to say I didn’t love such songs as ‘House Elf 4 Life’ by MC Kreacher or other similar “singles”, but I didn’t exactly go out of my way to track down more of the style.

That changed quite suddenly with Swish and Flick. I was just starting to appreciate the style when I was told to listen to ‘S-L-Y in Slytherin’. I was skeptical, but willing to give it a whirl, being the Hufflepuff that I am. Boy am I glad I went for it! I have always said that everyone has a little Slytherin in them, not least of all me. The way I see it, Swish and Flick helps bring that side of me out in the most positive way possible.

I know that sounded like one big oxymoron, but hear me out. Slytherins get a bad rap because of the whole Death Eater thing with the Dark Lord and the Muggle attacks. But not all Slytherins are like that. Even I know that. Swish and Flick reminds me that everyone needs to have some amount of ambition, that sometimes we can’t just play to the whims of everyone around us. As a Hufflepuff, I like to keep people around me happy, but sometimes I need to look out for myself as well. I can’t let people take advantage of my eagerness to please all the time.

So thanks, Stacy and John, for making the music that gets me dancing and singing along, brings me joy, and reminds me that the Slytherin in me isn’t all bad.


14 November 2009. Tags: . Band of the Day.


  1. James replied:

    Swish and flick are amazing! They are also another band i use to tempt muggles in. My favourite song has to be “Astoria Greengrass” though.

  2. Sally Slytherin replied:

    Thanks Dinah, I will now have Swish and Flick songs stuck in my head all day.
    Which is AWESOME!

  3. Raenwen replied:

    Swish and Flick ftw! Just sayin. They were amazing at Wrockstock! :]

  4. obockstal replied:

    I too like to sing along to their songs. In fact I’ve had “Like a Deatheater” stuck in my head for a few days now.

  5. Andrew replied:

    John’s guitar is seriously amazing. The things he does with it…!

    And as much as I love their more hip-hop oriented stuff, Stacy’s voice is gorgeous on Astoria Greengrass. Plus, it’s a love song about S&M. What’s not to love?

    My Dad Is Rich On A Boat was definitely a highlight of Wrockstock. So awesome.

  6. Maggie replied:

    I’m a Ravenclaw and I LOVE S&F. Loving other Houses isn’t a betrayal of our own identity but a willingness to do what Dumbledore and the Sorting Hat have always wanted us to do- work together and celebrate our diversity! yay! One of my favorite LeakyCon memories is the S&F set on Evil Night when several people threw their bras at John. My tiny fifteen-year-old sister was scandalized. I laughed. And warned her not to tell our mom.

    btw Dinah I’m amazed at your ability to update this thing with a thoughtful, thorough entry every freaking day. Wowzers.

    • Team Wrocket replied:

      So spot on, Maggie! Interhouse Solidarity (as I like to refer to it) is one of my favorite things.

      And thank you! I’m having a blast writing these entries each day and the best part is having the opportunity to sit and reflect on Wizard Rock and what makes it tick.

      • Luna's Ceiling replied:

        Inter-House solidarity’s easy when the other House’s peeps are smokin’ hot.

        Just sayin’… =P

        Oh, and I agree with Maggie, Dinah: you’re doing a spectacular job with this. Oh, and we have a few new tracks. Want ’em?

  7. KateKintail replied:

    WOW! You totally just posted what goes on in my head. Here’s a tweet I made a while ago: katekintail: I’m a happy, proud Hufflepuff. But sometimes I just crave Slytherin music. Listening to @swishandflick on a Friday afternoon at work FTW 3:42 PM Sep 25th from web

    LOL! Singing along to Swish and Flick music is so much fun. I was astounded by them in person at the first NYCWRF and ordered their CD as soon as I could. I can’t wait to own My Dad Is Rich On A Boat 🙂

    Anyway, you so rock for saying exactly what I’ve been saying for months! *Hufflepuff hugs*

  8. dcsbelle replied:

    Here’s another Ravenclaw who can’t get enough Swish and Flick! Until I heard them play for the first time I would have laid heavy odds on never liking s wizard rock rap song. Since then, S&F have expanded my horizons and my collection not only includes everything they play but also songs form Danny Dementor, Cruciatus Curse and MC Kreatcher.

    I can’t believe how professional their “In the House of Slytherin” sounds! It certainly holds its own when compared to the professionally produced CD’s in your local music store. And Flick’s guitar solo on “Pureblood” makes that song one of my often repeated tracks.

    I’m still looking forward to seeing little Chloe on the drums someday!

  9. Draco and the Malfoys « The Daily Wrocket replied:

    […] think something about this that is most interesting to me is the counter-point to my write-up on Swish and Flick the other day. In that write-up, I discussed how, while I am a Hufflepuff in almost every way, it […]

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