Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls

Band: Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls
Website: Myspace

Christian Caldeira, who is Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls, is a very intriguing member of the Wizard Rock Community. In a conversation I had with him at Wrockstock, he informed me that his initial discovery of Wizard Rock wasn’t as exciting for him as it was for me (I recall shock, amazement, joy, and jumping about in my own personal discovery story). He soon came to realize what the Community was and what it meant and proceeded to write music at that point.

Though I’m sure there are plenty of Wizard Rockers and Wizard Rock fans alike who first came upon Wizard Rock in a similar fashion – so what is it about Christian that makes this so interesting to me? Four words: ‘End of an Era’.

There is a style within Wizard Rock known as meta-wizard rock or meta-wrock. Essentially, the content of meta-wrock songs is no longer directly about Harry Potter and his cohorts specifically, but about the effect the characters, the stories, and the music have had on us as people in the real world. There are any number of meta-wrock songs out there now, but when Christian wrote ‘End of an Era’, it wasn’t as big of a craze… yet.

This song was written in anticipation of the release of the final Harry Potter book. For well over a year, it felt like all fans of the books and the music were taking this song, listening to it time and again, and sharing it with every other HP fan of their acquaintance. Unless that was just me… because boy was I in that camp! I knew that the final book release would cause some of the people I had been talking to about the books and discussing Wizard Rock with to suddenly drop off the face of my Earth. They would still exist, but no longer would they be in the chats, forums, and around Myspace on band pages.

I can’t begin to count the number of times I have been moved to tears by listening to any of the versions of this song out there. I have heard the original version, the acoustic version, the Marked As His Equal version, the Roonil Wazlib version, the acoustic instrumental version, and now the rocked out version that Christian prepared for and performed at Wrockstock ’09.

At this point, it has become one of the first songs I turn to when I am feeling the Harry Potter nostalgia, the Wizard Rock longing, and the direct need to spend time with the many amazing people around the world that I have met through this fandom.

‘So I will miss the train ride in / And the pranks pulled by the Twins / Though it’s nowhere I have been / I’ll keep on smiling from the times I had with them’


16 November 2009. Tags: , , . Band of the Day.


  1. James replied:

    An amazing song. One of my Favourite Wizard Rock songs to date. Very emotional and powerful. ❤ it!!

  2. Luna's Ceiling replied:

    While a lot can be said about OBatR, I’ll keep it simple: on a very, VERY short list of best lyricists in wrock.

  3. Laura! replied:

    Such an awesome song from an awesome band/artist.

    My favorite lyrics are:
    And I know, it’s only a story, but
    For so many it’s more than that.
    It’s a world, all on its own where we
    Want to put on that Sorting Hat.

    LOVE IT!

  4. Luna's Ceiling replied:

    An additional comment, about what you called “meta-wrock” (and which Lamia from the Sectumsempras dubbed “post-Potter wizard rock”):

    I see this as where a lot of wrock bands will go, at least the ones that elect to remain together and under the same name. While some songs will undoubtedly continue to be explicitly about people and events in the Potterverse, a lot more will simply be strongly inspired by the series. The references, when they are present at all, will be subtle.

    That’s the deeper (and in some ways more important) impact of all of this Potterishness: it’s allowed many of us to infuse what might otherwise be relentlessly rational lives with magic. Perhaps not the kind of magic that can conjure a Patronus or brew up Polyjuice Potion, but magic nonetheless.

    I’ve already started taking Luna’s Ceiling in that direction, without really realizing it.

  5. Andrew replied:

    I fucking love Christian’s music. I think he’s just insanely talented, and he has my favourite voice of any wizard rocker. It’s distinctive!

    Every time I think he can’t impress me in a new way, he does something I find amazing – like when I heard the track he made for that fanfic about Harry’s children, “In Your Shadow”. For something he did as a favour, it immediately became one of my favourite songs. It’s simply gorgeous.

    Seriously I’m a gigantic OBatR fanboy. I could gush forever.

  6. Heather replied:

    Christian is such a talent. I can’t wait until he puts out that Gryffindor EP!

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