Professor Hooknose and his Greasy Gits

Band: Professor Hooknose and his Greasy Gits
Website: Myspace

One of my absolute favorite things about being at Wrockstock is spending time in the Wampum Willow, the second stage area for smaller bands to perform between the bigger sets on the main stage. Very rarely do I get the opportunity to get to know some of the lesser-known bands in Wizard Rock so well. At this most recent event, one of the bands I had the opportunity of meeting was Professor Hooknose and his Greasy Gits, a rather recent addition to the world of Wizard Rock, having gotten started just over a year ago.

In the time that Cory and John have been writing and recording Wizard Rock, they’ve gotten a decent number of songs posted to their Myspace, have played at a major Wrock event, and are quite clearly just having an absolutely amazing and fun time with their music and the scene in general!

Cory and John impressed me greatly with their immense amount of energy at Wrockstock. This applies not only to their performance in the Wampum Willow, but to every time I saw them around the event – especially when other bands were playing and it was the type of music you found yourself dancing to. The dancing, in particular was primarily John. The first time I noticed his sheer joy and lack of concern for what others thought was during the Professor Hooknose set. During some of their songs, if there was a small break between lyrics, John would proclaim it time for a “Dance break!” and would just go crazy. Crazy-good. Not crazy-bad. In fact, at one point (between breaths from my laughter) I leaned over to a friend and said, “You know the funny thing is… he has all the same dance moves as I do!” So whether that means we’re both excellent dancers, or we could both be mistaken for epileptics on the dance floor is yet to be discerned.

Beyond the wild dance moves, the Professor Hooknose crew (is it okay to call them a crew if it’s just two of them?) impressed me with their music as well. I particularly was a fan of the song ‘Double Agent’, which was written with the intention of not spoiling listeners. Chris explained how, when writing the song, he wanted to make it clear that Severus was a Double Agent, but the listener wouldn’t necessarily be able to determine who he was a Double Agent for based on the song alone.

In general, however, I just enjoyed the music that Chris and John played for us. And as one final note, they actually brought a sheet of rice krispy treats that were frosted like a cake with the title of their upcoming EP, Awwww, Snape written across it in frosting. How freaking awesome is that? My only regret regarding Professor Hooknose is the fact that I got so busy with other stuff that I ended up forgetting to grab a rice krispy treat.


17 November 2009. Tags: . Band of the Day.


  1. Georgia Riddle replied:

    Their band name is decidedly brilliant. But Dinah you missed out! That rice krispy cake was deeeelicious, right up there with the Trout Lodge bacon, and that’s saying something! Thanks Cory and John! 😀

  2. Michelle replied:

    YAY! Cory and John are awesome! They always entertain me with their music, and the rice krispie treats are always good!

  3. James replied:

    I didn’t see there set. Im ashamed to say i didn’t see anyone on saturday in the wampum Willow and had to miss a few acts on Sunday so i could get food. Sounds like a fun band. Ill have to check them out.

    As for the trout lodge bacon, it was ok. any US bacon is no comparrison for briotish bacon though 😉

    • Team Wrocket replied:

      ” As for the trout lodge bacon, it was ok. any US bacon is no comparrison for briotish bacon though ”

      You lie, sir! I am hereby calling you out! British “bacon” is merely another word for ham!

      • Georgia Riddle replied:

        :O You haven’t been eating the good British bacon. In our house Aldi bacon is considered the best, the streaky one in the black packet with the purple stripe. That’s proper bacon, the type that shatters when you stab it with your fork 😀 Mmm… bacon!

  4. Andrew replied:

    I hadn’t heard any of their stuff, but I managed to snag front row in front of the firepit for the beginning of their set – I was really enjoying it, but I had to bail after only a couple songs for.. something. That was sadly most of the story of my Willow experiences that weekend – too many things to do!

    But I was definitely interested from what little I got to hear in checking out more, so mission accomplished. 🙂

  5. Martha replied:

    This band is awesome. I love their song “The Prince’s Secret.” It’s hilarious! It’s great that you’re featuring bands that most people have never heard of instead of just the really well-known bands.

    • Team Wrocket replied:

      Interesting note on bands that aren’t just really well-known. I originally planned on spreading them out more widely at the beginning, but when I made the final decision to do all the bands from Wrockstock first, I sort of put myself in a situation where I had to write about 15 of the most popular bands in the first month and a half! Ahh!!!

      But I’m glad you’re enjoying the lesser-known bands as well! I know I enjoy writing about them!

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