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One of the things I appreciate most about Grace Kendall is her candid manner. For the uninitiated, Grace Kendall (along with her dulcimer) is the Wizard Rock band Snidget. Until recently, I had never had the opportunity of seeing her perform live. I have always been told amazing things about Grace’s live performances, so I was more than thrilled to know that I would get to see the wonder first-hand at Wrockstock.

To begin, the dulcimer is a daunting instrument for someone like myself who is more likely to break an instrument through sheer clumsiness than to play anything with a modicum of talent. If you have never heard of a dulcimer, allow me to give you a very basic description. From the unpracticed eye of a writer, not a musician, it appears to be a kind of harp, but is actually played by striking the strings with small hammers (much like one would see inside a piano, but these hammers are held by the expert hands of the player). To help you understand more clearly, I will post some videos of Grace playing her dulcimer at another point today. (Video Footage of Snidget)

Back to Grace and the personality that forces me to love her. To begin with, I have had some contact with Grace over the internet (a.k.a. “teh interwebz”) and met her in person very briefly at LeakyCon 2009. So I already had a base for liking her very much. But at Wrockstock, I was able to get so much more of a grip on her nature. When she set herself up in the Wampum Willow, she said to the audience gathered, “For those of you who don’t know, all of my music is about one of two things: Death and Women!” Throughout the weekend, she and friends of hers would make jokes about how depressing Grace’s music is. When asked to describe her musical style, she answered, “I write depressing songs about Harry Potter on an old folk instrument you’ve probably never heard of.”

I find it absolutely glorious that Grace can write such beautiful songs (I’m a particular fan of ‘Bella’), but still be so down to Earth and realistic about the fact that they primarily are a bit depressing. It’s great to have a sense of humor about such things, or else she would likely be perpetually in a funk when considering her music.

As for the musical performance itself, I was sitting quite close to Grace as she struck the dulcimer during her performance. I cannot pretend but to have been absolutely enthralled with the action. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the dulcimer – constantly amazed at the precision with which Grace played the instrument. As a student of the piano for less than two years when I was but a child, I can tell you with absolute surety that there is no way in all the seven hells that I could ever achieve that level of ability and confidence with an instrument of that nature.

So huge props to Grace for stepping out there, trying something different, making it work like no one’s business, and having the sense of humor to keep up her spirits and those of her friends and fans (despite how depressing it is to listen to her music)! 😉


19 November 2009. Tags: . Band of the Day.


  1. Jennifer replied:

    Grace is the shizz. And if you don’t know, you betta ask somebody.

  2. Maggie replied:

    I just love love love love that wrock is a diverse enough “genre” to include a mistress of dulcimer (is that the term? or perhaps dulcimer-ess?).

    Also, a few weeks ago Grace and Matt (of the Willows) had a back and forth friendly discussion on the ‘pedia about sexism in wrock, and I really appreciated her perspective, and she made some great points.

  3. Jonathon Rosenthal replied:

    I totally endorse “Mistress of the Dulcimer”

  4. Marauder replied:

    Snidget ROCKS. I particularly love “Carol of the Spells.” Yay dulcimer. 😀

  5. Russ replied:

    Grace represents everything that is amazing about wizard rock – a non-traditional instrument and non-traditional style that breaks down barriers about what defines popular music. She’s a talented musician, helpful friend, and all around amazing person.

  6. Raenwen replied:

    Grace is such a great roll model. I really look up to her as she isn’t affraid to put her opinion in her work! Plus she pretty much wrocks it more, with that freaking dulcimer. :]

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