Some Ultimate Songs for the Ultimate Scenes

This is going to be the first incarnation of some of the fun, non-specific-band-related things I plan on doing throughout the coming year. Sometimes this will be a playlist based on a topic, centered around a character, or a general theme. It could honestly be anything, so look forward to further fun things like this!

There are some scenes in the Harry Potter series that are, let’s be honest, more important and poignant than others. I’ve taken some time to mentally re-cap the books in my mind, listing these moments and what I consider to be the Wizard Rock songs that best emulate them. I feel like I have represented a wide range of Wizard Rock in this list, so have fun with this!

Feel free to share with me the song choices you would make for the scenes from the books that are listed below! What other scenes can you think of with songs to go with them?

1. Lily and James Die for Baby HP

2. Harry’s a Wizard

3. Harry Rocks the Quidditch Pitch

4. Taking Out the Basilisk

5. Harry Learns to Fight Dementors

6. Learning the Truth about Sirius

7. Killing of “the Spare”

8. Voldemort’s Return

9. Dumbledore’s Army Exists and is Rad

10. Let’s Get to the Ministry to Save Sirius Who Isn’t Really There

11. Sirius Really is at the Ministry Now but Fell Through the Veil

12. Harry is Stalked by Fangirls

13. Harry Finally Gets With Ginny

14. Harry Leaves Ginny Behind

15. Dumbledore’s Death

16. Sneaking Harrry from Privet One Last Time

17. Harry Doubts Dumbledore

18. In Which We Learn Regulus’ Part

19. The Rebellion Against Voldemort Begins

20. Fred’s Death

21. Snape’s Tale

22. Harry’s Sacrifice

23. Neville the BAMF Pwns Nagini

24. The Final Showdown

25. The Epilogue


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  1. Whompy replied:

    “Expecto Patronum” by Remus and the Lupins is one of the greatest wizard rock songs of all time. 🙂

    • Team Wrocket replied:

      It was a close call! I very nearly went with that ‘Expecto Patronum’ but went the other way. 😛

  2. Maggie replied:

    This is wonderful. You have intensely good decision-making powers, because I would have just liked like eight songs per scene.

    • Team Wrocket replied:

      “good decision-making powers” This is a subjective statement… I’ve been working on this list for over a month. XD

  3. Andrew replied:

    I’d put Back For the Fight for number 14 and The Bravest Man I Ever Knew for number 25, personally. But it’s a great list. 🙂

    • Andrew replied:

      Oh, and to add a couple more scenes/songs:

      Harry snubbing Scrimgeour: “(not gonna put on) The Monkey Suit” by Harry and the Potters

      The Triwizard Tournament: “It’s Dragons! It’s Mermaids!! It’s a Maze!!!” by the Mudbloods

      Speaking of the Mudbloods, I can’t believe I missed this one in my first post: “A Pensieve Full of Unrequited Love” has to be my pick for number 21. That is a contender for being my favourite song of all time. Big sigh.

      • Raenwen replied:

        AGREED! Howevs, I think “A Pensieve Full of Unrequited Love” should be EVERYONES pick.

  4. Scott Humdinger replied:

    I keep dreaming of over-dubbing the HP films using only excerpts from wizard rock songs to tell the story. You’d think with the 900+ wrock songs in my collection I could come up with tunes for every occasion.

  5. Myrtle Dyes Her Hair replied:

    I’d swap Thestrals for Dreams.
    Also, some Muggle music. The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny for… You decide!

    Painfully Obvious though.

    When were there ‘Good Guys, Bad Guys and EXPLOSIONS (As far as the eye can see)’ though?

  6. Georgia Riddle replied:

    Oooh such a good list! I agree with nearly everything except that I’d have Ascendio by MoM as Harry finding out he’s a wizard. That song made me cry :).
    Also there are lots of decent Flying Car songs out there! Should be a song for that!!

    Glad you chose SSDG’s version of Expecto Patronum, though. It’s my favourite Expecto Patronum song because it never ever ever fails to make me beyond happy.

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