The Moaning Myrtles

Band: The Moaning Myrtles
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I first started really exploring the many bands in Wizard Rock not long after the Moaning Myrtles came into existence. At the time, I wasn’t aware of how long the bands I was discovering had been around. In some cases, I feel like I just assumed the band was long-standing and/or well-established in the Community already simply because they had music available. In retrospect, this assumption was particularly silly, but at the time I didn’t know the history of Wizard Rock so well as I do now.

Now that I have spent so many years following Wizard Rock as I have, I now know just how new the Moaning Myrtles were when I first started searching around and how influential they have been in the past years. Lauren and Nina have not only produced a prodigious amount of music as the Moaning Myrtles, but each of them have followed their own musical paths.

This is, yet again, one of the big reasons why I love the Wizard Rock Community so damn much. Not only are we all supportive of all Wizard Rock endeavors we encounter, but if a Wrocker branches out and produces Muggle music (non-Wizard Rock music), that pursuit is equally supported by the Wrock fans. So I want to spend a little bit of time talking about the Muggle music of Nina Jankowicz and Lauren Fairweather. They have each released at least a bit of music (all of which can be found through the appropriate searches in the iTunes store), and I cannot deny enjoying all of it that I have had the opportunity of listening to.

Nina’s Muggle music is more typical of an independent musician armed with little beyond her keyboard and her voice, while Lauren’s Muggle music has more of a nerdy bent. To a certain degree, I would even consider Lauren’s music to be within the realm of nerdcore (another burgeoning genre of music that is about all things nerdy as opposed to the particular focus on Harry Potter that is found in Wizard Rock). Lauren’s music covers topics from Harry Potter (in a meta-wrock sort of way) to Firefly and a song about how Kaylee is turned on by engines (hilarious).

Back to the work of Nina and Lauren as the Moaning Myrtles, their latest EP from this year’s EP of the Month Club, Bathroom Acoustics, is absolutely brilliant and a true pleasure to listen to. Under normal circumstances, I would tell you all about this a capella album (the first of its kind in Wizard Rock to my recollection), but instead feel like the best possible option is to point you in the direction of the review my friend Laura wrote for this EP on the Wizrocklopedia.

To say the least, Lauren and Nina have been amazing to listen to over the past 4 or so years that they have been writing and performing as the Moaning Myrtles. They have both grown musically as a duet as well as individuals and it is so fun for me to hear it in their music from over the years!


21 November 2009. Tags: . Band of the Day.

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  1. James replied:

    I love there solo music just as much as there Wrock contributions, especially Nina’s. They are fantastic performers and there set at wrockstock was brlliant with the video in the background.

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