Dobby Kills Hedwig

<strong>Band:</strong> Dobby Kills Hedwig<strong>Website:</strong> <a href="">Myspace</a> | <a href="">Official Site</a>

As a nice little change, I’ve decided to write about a currently active band today! I’ve missed writing about active bands, so here it is!

Dobby Kills Hedwig is a very unique and fun Wizard Rock band in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They are even going to be playing with some totally awesome touring Wrockers later this year. How freaking rad is that?

In any case, I think my favorite song from them is a cover of ‘Baby One More Time’ by Brittney Spears. It reminds me of growing up listening to it and it cracks me up beyond all means. The cover is called ‘Bowtruckle’s Song’, which honestly just makes it better. You’d think it’d be about something else in the Wizarding World. But no. Bowtruckles and their love of trees and the Whomping Willow. Too good!

So definitely give them a try as you explore Wizard Rock further!


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