Meet Dinah

I think it is safe to say that I have had more difficulty trying to describe myself than any other preparatory section of this project. I breezed through my description of the Wrocket, I had a blast telling the story of Wizard Rock, and nothing could top the joy I had requesting interviews and preparing for my daily write-ups. Yet for some reason, the topic that I should have the most ease with (myself!) is where I ran up against metaphorical wall after wall and had a few non-metaphorical head-meet-desk moments.

Why do I have so much difficulty describing myself? It’s not like I’ve never done it before. I have a myspace, a facebook, a twitter, a personal blog… I’ve had to write a “This is who I am!” section for each of these, haven’t I? So I went back and took a look at what I had written before. Now I know the truth: I have avoided writing about myself in any sort of meaningful way for years to the point that I feel almost accomplished at avoiding it.

So here’s the deal. I’m not going to avoid it any longer. I always seem to define myself by my interests or the stereotypes that I fit into (or am absolutely excluded from). I will now force myself to examine my character and nature through my mind, my actions, and my accomplishments as opposed to my hobbies and interests.

This should be interesting.

So Who Am I?

After thinking a lot about who I am, discerning how I live my life and why, I have determined that I am an individual in flux. I see this as a natural state to be in and have discussed it with a number of people who are close to me, my mother included. When one of my friends professed the concern that I would change from who I am, I realized that it was impossible. As malleable as I may be at the moment, I am still the same at the core.

I am an optimist and (for all you Harry Potter people reading this) a Hufflepuff in every way. I work hard at whatever job I must in order to accomplish my goals. I’m not going to pretend I’m perfect in any way. I just want to make myself clear on that. I have my fair share of faults and am happy to own up to them.

Through it all, I still manage to dedicate far too much of my time to pursuits in Wizard Rock (obviously, eh?), local theatre, and in the office.

The simplest way I can describe myself is to inform you that I do my best to just have fun with whatever I do, no matter how lame it may be in actuality! That really is the heart and soul of me. I just want to have a damn good time with my life, so I do!


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