Some Draco and the Malfoys Footage

Most epic ‘Hippogriffs Deserve to Die’ ever. Thanks to ginginny77 on YouTube for getting such awesome footage of it!



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Draco and the Malfoys Discography

Band: Draco and the Malfoys
Website: Official Site | Myspace |
Twitter: @datm


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Draco and the Malfoys

Band: Draco and the Malfoys
Website: Official Website

I think this is one of the first times I have ever so much as considered writing “What can I possibly say about this band/group/individual member(s)?” where I felt like, after the fact, I was being entirely honest about it. Draco and the Malfoys are amazing. There is so much coursing through my mind about Brian and Bradley that I haven’t a clue where I can begin when writing about this band.

Should I begin with the absolutely hilarious lyrics? Or the (basically) Wrock Opera that is the Family EP with the EP of the Month Club, or perhaps the fact ( yes, I wrote fact) that Brian really has a Hufflepuff heart deep down under that Slytherin facade?

In a way, I would like to focus on the latter of the options. To begin with, beyond the amazingly fun music and the dynamic performances, Brian is one of the most fantastic huggers I have ever met. “But who are you to deem someone a particularly glorious hugger?” you may be asking yourself. To put it simply, I have a large number of individuals (close friends and near strangers) who I have deemed my “hug buddy” for a specific night or event. They can all vouch for me. As for Brian, he is one of the few people I would consider a rival, were there such a thing in the world of excellent hugs.

To expand beyond just the hugging specifically, I have observed in Bradley one of the most loving and caring husband and father I have had the good fortune of meeting. I know that sentence was absolute rubbish, but there it stands. I’m having trouble re-wording it in such a way as to express how wonderful he is. Bradley has dedicated his life first and foremost to his wife and family, no matter how much he loves his brother Brian, and no matter how much he loves his time spent as one of the most exciting and well-known Wizard Rock Stars in the musical movement. Who needs to be a Wrock star when you are always a star at home?

I think something about this that is most interesting to me is the counter-point to my write-up on Swish and Flick the other day. In that write-up, I discussed how, while I am a Hufflepuff in almost every way, it can be nice to recognize the Slytherin side of my life and to embrace it when I need to. I find that Draco and the Malfoys represent the opposing side of the argument for Interhouse Solidarity: the Slytherins who can and will allow their own Hufflepuff tendencies to take over from time to time.

I actually would like to leave this rather open-ended at the moment and open the topic up for discussion here in the comments. I love the idea of Interhouse Solidarity (I’ll go ahead and post a playlist I created for a CD I handed out at a Harry Potter Party I threw with a friend a week following the release of Deathly Hallows at some point), but more than just the idea as I see it in my mind, I love to hear the thoughts of others on the same topic.

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