Some Ultimate Songs for the Ultimate Scenes

This is going to be the first incarnation of some of the fun, non-specific-band-related things I plan on doing throughout the coming year. Sometimes this will be a playlist based on a topic, centered around a character, or a general theme. It could honestly be anything, so look forward to further fun things like this!

There are some scenes in the Harry Potter series that are, let’s be honest, more important and poignant than others. I’ve taken some time to mentally re-cap the books in my mind, listing these moments and what I consider to be the Wizard Rock songs that best emulate them. I feel like I have represented a wide range of Wizard Rock in this list, so have fun with this!

Feel free to share with me the song choices you would make for the scenes from the books that are listed below! What other scenes can you think of with songs to go with them?



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Riddle™ Discography

Name: Riddle™
Members: Victoria and Georgia Minnear
Website: Official Site | Myspace
Location: UK
Twitter: @riddletm


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Band: Riddle™
Website: Official Website | Myspace

I wanted to start the Wrocket off with a band that I absolutely love. Not to say that I don’t love a huge number of Wrock bands, but Riddle™ holds a special place in my heart. One of the reasons for this is as a result of my personal connection with the members of the band, the gorgeous twins, Georgia and Victoria Minnear. These two are a couple of the sweetest individuals I have had the good fortune of encountering in the Wizard Rock Community. Not to mention the fact that they are freakishly talented!

As amazing as the music of Riddle™ is, it is not my favorite thing about the band (shock!). The greatest thing about this band, in my opinion, is the fact that their family is so amazing and supportive! Georgia and Victoria live in the UK, but have managed to fly out to the US on multiple occasions in order to play at events they have been invited to. Yet they didn’t fly alone – their parents (and sometimes even their sister) have come to the US with the band to provide moral support and to sell merchandise. To me, this is absolutely amazing.

I’ll be honest on this one, my family is wonderful and supportive, but not a one of them would so much as think of supporting any of my endeavors in such a major way. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and think extremely highly of them all, but there is a line they won’t cross. For example, they wouldn’t throw down thousands of dollars to send the whole family overseas just so I could attend an event and they could support me. I mean, WOW! Georgia told me that their “mum was really supportive when she found out we’d written a song and made us realize that writing music no-one would ever hear wasn’t a complete waste of time.”

Even without realizing it, Riddle™ has embodied a major aspect of what Wizard Rock is. We’re a community of people who love and care about each other. Most of us have not met face-to-face, but that doesn’t stop the love that we have for each other. No matter what, we will encourage each other to be our best, to face our fears, and to do what makes us happiest!

The love of the Wrock Community and the Harry Potter books in general is reflected in much of the music by Riddle™. One of their most well known songs is a thank you message to J.K. Rowling for writing the book series that inspired Wizard Rock. ‘For Jo’ is a beautiful example of what Georgia and Victoria have produced. In it, they sing, “So Ms. Rowling, here is a song I wrote for you. ‘Cause I’m grateful for all that you’ve taught me, and inspired me to do.” This song details the progress of J.K. Rowling and the fandom she created as her books continued to be published. By dedicating an entire song to her and thanking her so directly, Georgia and Victoria have managed to put into words the love and thankfulness that all of us HP fans feel for J.K.R. but do not know how to express properly.

Another song that stands out to me is ‘Look At Me’. The title of the song reflects the final words of Severus Snape as he calls upon Harry to look at him and grant him one last gaze into the eyes of Lily, the woman he loved from his childhood until his death – even continuing well beyond her own death. The story of Severus Snape’s love and the raw emotion found in this song tear at my soul every time. I can’t deny that a lot of this has to do with the fact that I find Snape absolutely fascinating as a character and one of the most realistic people in this fantasy series.

Not all songs from Riddle™ are heart-wrenching, however. The greatest single example would be the jaunty ‘Beans’, jumping out of their earlier albums to provide a break from the tear-jerking songs that fill Secrets of the Darkest Art and More Magic.

I highly recommend checking out what you can of Riddle™. Their album More Magic was one of the first, oh… 20 Wrock albums that I ever owned. When I first ordered it, I honestly hadn’t listened much to their music, but when I popped it into the CD player as I prepared to receive my family for Christmas that year, I realized that I had found a gem.

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