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Band: X. Lovegood
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The band I am about to share with you, I regret to inform you, has no music posted at this time. However, I am going to direct you all to head over to their Myspace page (linked above), add them, and encourage them to record and post their music! X. Lovegood is made up primarily of two very passionate girls named Cate (Luna C) and Daisy (Luna D).

They performed in the Wampum Willow at Wrockstock and I am extremely pleased that I was there to listen. Cate and Daisy are both huge Harry Potter fans (duh) and have a talent for expressing that love in creative ways through original songs, filks, and covers of Wrock songs. They already have a wide range of music that they listen to and use it to their advantage. They have filks of songs by Ed in the Refridgerators, the Beastie Boys, and even a filk of the Mary Tyler Moore Show theme song.

To begin, I’ll answer the question that I’m sure some readers are thinking this very moment, “What in blazes is a filk?!” I read your mind, didn’t I? Word for word. Anyway, back to “filks”. A filk is the term used when referring to a song written and/or sung by Artist A that is purely a re-working of the words from a song by Artist B. For example, there is a song called ‘Abracadabra’ by The Steve Miller Band. I know of a musician who re-wrote the lyrics to be about Harry Potter and the song she recorded is called ‘Avada Kedavra’. This is what filk is. Filks have played a pretty significant role in Wizard Rock. Some of them are such high quality that listeners don’t always realize that it is a re-working of a song that was already released by another artist.

As for the girls of X. Lovegood, they have more than a knack for just writing filks, they also have a great time with writing their own lyrics. In fact, one of my favorite songs to listen to by them was a rap they wrote simply because they thought it would be fun to write one. While it was clear that neither Cate nor Daisy have experience rapping, listening to the lyrics they came up with and watching them have so much fun performing it more than made up for any lack of polish in the rap department.

However, my very favorite part of their performance was when Tawni, Daisy’s mom, joined them for a song. Tawni prefaced her performance with, “This is the awkward song – there’s a lot of sexual innuendo and I’m her mom.” You see, they were gearing up to play ‘Wizard in the Kitchen’, a song written by fellow Wizard Rock band Tom Riddle and Friends. What followed was a fun rendition of the song which was, as Tawni predicted, a little awkward when some of the more suggestive lyrics were sung from mother to daughter. “We can toss each others’ salads / Sounds kinda gross but it’s nice on the palette.” And think of it this way… I chose one of the more mild suggestive comments in the song.

But the thing that matters most in this situation to me is the support Cate and Daisy are getting from their families. Not every mother would be willing to sit in front of 30-some-odd people and sing suggestive lyrics with their young daughter at a four day music fest in the woods in Missouri. Instead of waxing long on the subject, I’ll keep this final part brief:

I love seeing such amazing, supportive families in the Wizard Rock world! To all of you out there who are supporting your very own Wizard Rockers among your friends or family – you are my heroes!


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