What is the Daily Wrocket?

Have you ever considered how music plays into our lives and the effect it has on masses of listeners? I hope to use this project as a way of learning about and sharing the effect that Wizard Rock in particular has on the individuals who listen to it every day by observing the bands instead of the listeners.

I will be taking a different Wizard Rock band each day for 365 days and focusing my thoughts and discussion of Wizard Rock through them. The ultimate goal of the Daily Wrocket is to take an alternative approach to listening to music and sharing it with others. This is not a project where I plan on listing a band each day with their rap sheet of albums and music to date. No – I want to react to the music, to the band, and to the impact each band has had on the Wizard Rock Community, the Harry Potter Fandom, and on my own personal life.

I hope for this to be a very personal approach to music, Wizard Rock, and the challenges that arise in a small, close-knit community and how we rise above them to grow closer and stronger than ever before. Essentially, the Wrocket is a look at the human experience through the lens of the Wizard Rock Community.

History of the Daily Wrocket

In mid-May of 2009, I had an interesting thought: What if I could introduce Wizard Rock to more people, both Wizards and Muggles, by learning more about the Community, bands, and meaning of it all myself? It’s not like I wasn’t already on the path. In fact, I had been helping run the Wizrocklopedia with my friend Freya and spreading my love of Wizard Rock to anyone and everyone who would listen (willingly or not). I started thinking about what the Wizrocklopedia was doing for the Wizard Rock Community and what the Community was doing for the ‘Pedia. It was then that I realized that, while the ‘Pedia is a valuable resource for updated news and insight into the genre itself, we weren’t really creating any kind of interest into the genre, per se. Sure, the ‘Pedia gets a mention from time to time in press about Wizard Rock, but we are far from the cause of that press. As awesome as it would be for us to try and be a form of marketing for the Wizard Rock Community, that’s just not what our news site is about.

So, while nothing is going to tear me away from the ‘Pedia anytime soon, I figured that if I wanted to help spread the Wrock, I would have to do something outside of it as well. Not long after I started thinking along these lines, I saw a trailer for the movie Julie & Julia in which a woman decides to cook her way through Julia Child’s cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, over the course of 365 days and blogging about her experiences daily. I suddenly thought to myself, “I could write about a band a day for a whole year. There sure as hell are enough Wrock bands out there for it!”

I started telling friends about this idea and many of them told me I was crazy or would give me advice about how to make the process easier on me (for example: writing about one band a week instead of a band a day or working with up to 6 others so we each just wrote about one band a week). Despite it all, there were plenty who felt it would be a valuable asset to the community and showed enthusiasm at the idea of such an undertaking. Now that I have proven my determination, everyone is absolutely supportive. In fact, it was one of these friends, Georgia of the band RiddleTM, who came up with the name “The Daily Wrocket” in the first place!

I have spent the months from the conception of the idea leading up to this point preparing for the task, both mentally and in writing. I have had help and support from many of my friends and family as I have braced myself for this challenge.

So I want to say thank you to everyone who has been with me from the beginning and to those whose invaluable opinions have been spoken, whether or not it was what I wanted to hear at the time. You are all wonderful and I cannot begin to thank you enough for your help, your support, your insight, and, above all, your friendship.

A Few Phenomenal Individuals I’d Like to Point Out

I’d just like to take a moment to give special thanks to a few specific people.

Georgia Minnear: Thank you for not only coming up with the fantastic and fun name for this blog, but for providing your support from the very beginning!
Aelfie Smith: You put up with so much nonsense from me over the weeks as I pestered you nonstop for the designs. Thank you for being so dedicated to making the banners, etc. so wonderful and true to the spirit of the Daily Wrocket!
Aaron Mace: For being the greatest, kindest web designer I could hope for! Your work for the ‘Pedia and Potter TV has been amazing and I am so grateful to you for taking the time to fit the Daily Wrocket into your busy schedule!


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